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       WIP 12

Buying a House Project

Buying a house link - here

Math 11 - Bar graphs with Excel

Link for Excel and bar graphs

Taking a Trip

Taking a trip to New York City - Math project files:
Excel Spreadsheet

Quadratic Equations Example

As promised, here is an example of a quadratic equation problem that was "featured" a few years back....

Matrice Multiplication

I've been looking for a really good math tutorial on how to multiply matrices. This one is pretty good. Check it out.

Math - Spreadsheets

One of the common uses of math in the workplace involves computers. It also involves a piece of software called Microsoft Excel, sometimes known as a spreadsheet. Using spreadsheets, companies can keep track of budgets, create presentations and even do taxes. For those of you that have completed your trip budget, use thespreadsheet to work through activities in class following the steps on theinstruction sheet.

Use the worksheet on spreadsheets to expand and show your ability to use spreadsheets.

A couple of notes: this sheet was prepared by Karen Wentzell, a teacher that teaches at the South Shore Alternate School. In the assignment, it says to email her the final product. Email me instead. My email address is:

Sinusoidal Transformations

Link 1:
Link 2:

Going on a Trip

Our next unit is planning for a trip. This will involve a bit of budgeting work, work with percents and conversion of units. To get started, choose a location in North America outside of this province. Once this location has be chosen, complete the following worksheet:

Worksheet (click here)

If you get done early, you can work on your fractions sheet or review your midterm results and submit your corrections.

Buying a House

Over the next few days we will be looking at various features and methods of buying a home. Complete the following worksheet, using the references found on the Internet.
Buying a home worksheet

Renting an Apartment

Work through the worksheet on the tenacy act.

Look through ads to find a rental.  Discuss in class differences in ads.

Do #1-8 p. 78-80