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Cloze Pro
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What is Cloze Pro?

Cloze Pro is a program that allows you to easily create accessible, digital cloze activities for all students.  Start by creating a piece of writing or importing text from a document, scanner, or the Internet.  Highlight a word and remove it!  Print off copies for a paper and pencil activity for some students, use the scanning feature to make your activities available to students with physical disabilities, and use the 'Speak' feature to allow students with visual impairments or learning disabilities to access the activity. 

Introduction to Cloze Pro  (4 mins, 50 seconds)

Learn the basics of Cloze Pro including terminology, buttons, and how to navigate the available example activities.  Examine how to monitor and assess your students' learning using the 'Report' function.

Creating Activities in Cloze Pro  (6 mins, 31 seconds)

This video details the creation of an activity from scratch.  Learn how to remove text to create your cloze activity; adjust the font, font size, and style; insert pictures in the body of the text or in the word bank; create and change the style of the cells in the word bank; save pages to create a sequential activity made up of several pages.

Adjusting the Activity Settings  (4 mins, 01 seconds)

A follow-up to 'Introduction to Cloze Pro', this video demonstrates how to change the appearance of the grid of available answers and how the gaps (blanks) appear.  Set prompts so that students can receive hints by 'right-clicking'.  Use the 'Insert Pictures as You Type' function to insert pictures automatically.  Choose the voices available to speak the text and adjust their pitch and speed.

Remove Words Tool  (2 min, 34 seconds)

Learn how to use the 'Remove Words Tool' to automatically create cloze activities from an existing piece of text that you have written, scanned, or downloaded.

Using Word Lists  (5 mins, 33 seconds)

A demonstration of how to automatically create 'dummy' cells with answers similar to the correct answer.  Create wordlists of 'food', 'animals', etc., or modify existing lists.
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