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My name is Jamie Renouf.  This site is designed to support the use of technology integration in the regular classroom environment and the effective application of assistive technology.   Included are links to print and video tutorials, valuable web sites, and resources for use in the classroom today!  I encourage you to email me with feedback on various aspects of the site and suggestions for new material. 

Tips for Technology Integration

  • Ever had a run-in with inappropriate material using Google Image Searching?  If not, you will!  Try www.sxc.hu/ instead.  Take advantage of this huge image library that, in my experience, is completely safe.

  • Help your students get easy access to definitions and explanations with a 'right-click dictionary'.  There are different tools for different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).  Google 'right click lookup' for more details.

  • Is your effectiveness being inhibited by the fact that you, the computer, and the projector have to be in the same place – probably not in front of the class?  Invest the $100 or so in a wireless keyboard and mouse.  This will allow you to set up a small table at the front of the room and interact with the computer from more than 20 feet away.   

  • Use the projector for more than slideshows.  Check out the web, Google Earth, or show DVDs to engage your students.  Brainstorm using a word processor to change fonts, sizes, and colours to help organize information.

  • Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing how to do something.  Engaging your class in problem-solving is a valuable activity.  Use every opportunity to discuss computer strategies like you would math ones.  For example, when you have to copy/paste something, discuss the different ways you can do this (Edit menu, Copy, Edit menu, Paste; Right-click, Copy, Right-click, Paste; Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).

  • A great trick to easily switch between your computer screen, an LCD display, or both at the same time is to use the ‘hot-key’ on your keyboard.  Often it will be a function key combined with something else – Ctrl+F7, for example.


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