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Cartesian Diver



Take a medicine dropper made of glass and adjust it in a glass of water so that it just floats.

 Place dropper in a water filled 2 liter plastic bottle and secure top.

Squeeze and release the plastic bottle and your diver will move up and down.

If you look carefully you will see the column of air in the dropper get smaller as you squeeze the bottle.





Kiwi barks at the moving medicine dropper



 For this demo you need a few raisins and a glass full of clear pop (7 up or Sprite)  Place raisins in the pop and watch them float and sink.

The raisins continue to bob up and down for a long time.

 You should be able to see the bubbles of carbon dioxide form on the raisins, lift the raisins and then pop as they hit the surface.  The raisin sinks and the bubbles start to form again.


Go to Sink or Float 2  for another buoyancy experiment,



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A visitor has suggested using foil ketchup packets to make divers.  I haven't tried it yet.

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