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                         Body Ratio :   Gulliver in the Land of the Lilliputians.




When Gulliver landed in Lilliput  he discovered that the Lilliputians were 1/12 his size.   If you were travelling with Gulliver,  what size would your Lilliputian double be?


My Height  _____________       My Lilliputian Height ___________


Now Imagine you are a Lilliputian and Gulliver is visiting your school.


My Height  _____________       Gulliver's  Height ___________



Gulliver's Travels  by Jonathan Swift  Pg. 70  " The seamstresses took my measure as I lay on the ground, one standing at my neck, and another at my mid-leg, with a strong cord extended, that each held by the end, while a third measured the length of the cord with a rule of an inch long.  Then they measured my right thumb, and desired no more; for by a mathematical computation, that twice round the thumb is once round the wrist, and so on to the neck and waist, and by the help of my old shirt, which I displayed on the ground before them for a pattern, they fitted me exactly.

Make the following measurements to see if Swift's " Rule of Thumb " is true.


 Record and Predict Measurements:


Thumb  ___________________     x 2 = _________________    


 Wrist  ____________________     x 2 =  ____________________________


Neck _____________________     x 2 =   __________________  


 Waist  ________________________  






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