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 Kiwi and Friends   










Science Experiments

Science activities for grades 3 to 6



Eye and Lens  











If you are interested in Elementary science I have some demos, news,

 info on Nova Scotia plants and animals, and  activities .

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 Check out this week's Science News for some interesting topics:  .







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 Interested in Elementary Math:       





  Tessellations, Pentominoes , Guided Math,  or Napier's Bones ?                                              

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If you interested in pet pictures and would like to see  Kiwi

and her friends ...







      then click                              Kiwi and Friends








We like to take pictures with our digital cameras








You can check out  more images..... just click:                                     Pictures




Upcoming events

Going for a walk on the beach ...

Sunrise and sunset times for the week.



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Want to see some seasonal shots of Lunenburg County?





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Interested in Space?  Mars? Saturn ? Venus ? Comets?

 The Sun ? Hubble Telescope?




Dec.29 2008  Venus, Crescent Moon Jupiter and Mercury in the evening sky.

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  Check out weather forecasts




Hurricane Track Information






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 Lobster Season   



  Phys Ed   




Social Studies

 Spelling Homework  



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