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Here are some of our fish:


Thursday  Feb. 19

This is the worst snowstorm to hit Nova Scotia since 1992





Beat The Teacher

Each day a student takes a turn finding a word in the dictionary

for Mr. Croft to spell

Here are some of the words:

Gavin -  Vichyssoise

Ashtin - Shenanigans

Kyle C. - Inaccessible

Daykota - Indistinguishable

Stephen - Utopian

Leah - Picturesque

Justin - Unsophisticated

Jordan H. - Electroencephalograph

Connor - Instantaneous

Jenny - Anthropomorphism

Kasey - Schadenfreude



Here are some Links we are using in Grade 5

Eboard   We have two eboard sites.  For  Grade 5 class work type in :


You can also get there by using this web address:


the password is pentz


                                           To access the school eboard type in:


Or use this address:


the password is pentz    






This is our favourite SkyWatch page.  Keep track of the Night Sky and visible satellites including the Space Station:

Staff Imp email

Below is a picture of Saturn  from



Saturn, imaged by Cassini


Pentz Elementary