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Grade 9 Math              Exam Outline 2011


The following topics will be on the 2011 Math 9 Exam.  There will be a review booklet provided for each of the topics listed below. 


Number Sense

-         Real Numbers (natural, whole, integer, rational, irrational) – their meanings, examples, comparing, ordering, operations (Ch. 1.1., 1.2)

-         Square root and principal square root (Ch. 1.3)

-         Laws of exponents (Ch. 1.4)


Patterns and Relations

-         finding the nth  term from a table of values or a pattern (Ch. 2.1)

-         Identify linear, exponential, and quadratic relationships from a table, graph or equation.   (Ch. 2.2)

-         Find the slope of a line (rise over run) (Ch. 2.3)

-         Find the equation of a line (y=mx + b) (Ch. 2.4)

-         Horizontal and vertical lines (Ch. 2.5)

-         Parallel and perpendicular lines (in binder notes)


Equations and Inequalities

-         solve equations and solve problems using equations (Ch. 3.1)

-         Represent a set of data graphically and symbolically (set notation) (Ch. 3.2)

-         Solve inequalities (Ch. 3.3)



-         add and subtract expressions (combine terms) (Ch. 7.1)

-         Factor polynomials (Ch. 7.2)

-         Multiply a monomial by a polynomial (Ch. 7.3)

-         Multiply 2 binomials (Ch. 7.4)

-         Polynomial Division (Ch. 7.5)



-         Find volume of 3-D figures and use the formulas to find unknown dimensions (Ch. 5.1)

-         Find surface area of 3-D figures and use formulas to find unknown dimensions.  (Ch. 5.2)

-         Be able to convert units (cm, cm2, cm3 , etc…)

-         Formulas will be provided on the exam.


Please note, the following topics will NOT be on the exam: scientific notation, matrices, scatterplots. 




Grade 9 Science                 Exam Outline 2011


The Cell

-          -The cell is the basic unit of life, the nucleus is in control, difference between plant and animal cells (do not need to know all parts and functions)

-          - The cell cycle (replication, mitosis, interphase), cell division

-          -Regeneration, aging, cancer 


Asexual Reproduction

-          -Bacteria, protists, fungi, animals – binary fission, fragmentation, budding, spores

-          -Plants – cloning, layering, grafting


Sexual Reproduction and Variation

-          -Gametes, fertilization, zygote, chromosomes, diploid, haploid

-          -Meiosis (just know what it is for, do not need to know the steps)

-         - External and internal fertilization

-          Plants – angiosperms, male and female plant parts, pollination, seed dispersal, gymnosperms,



-        -  Biotechnology, the structure of DNA, mutations, cloning (know some advantages and disadvantages of cloning


Atoms and Elements

-          -The particle theory

-          -Mixtures (mechanical mixtures, solutions), solute, solvent, alloy, suspension, colloid

-          -Pure substances (compounds and elements)

-          -Homogeneous and heterogeneous

-          -Chemical and physical change, chemical and physical properties

-         - Atomic Theory

-          -Symbols of elements, Formulas for compounds, counting atoms,  periodic table (there will be a periodic table given to you during the exam, atomic number, atomic mass, number of protons, neutrons, electrons

-         - Metals, non-metals, metalloids (compare state, appearance, conductivity, malleability)

-          -Bohr-Rutherford model for first 20 elements


Static Electricity

-          -Electrostatics, 3 ways to charge an item (friction, contact, induction),

-          -The law of attraction and repulsion, the electrostatic series (do not memorize)

-          -electroscope  (how it works)

-          -conductors, insulators

-           -sparks, lightening