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Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Moule are job-sharing this year.  Mrs. Moule teaches on Mondays

(or Tuesdays if Monday is a holiday) and Mrs. Graham teaches the rest of the week.  They share

the instruction of Language Arts and Math.  Mrs. Graham teaches Science and French, while Ms.

Moule teaches Health.  In the afternoons, Mrs. Moule also teaches Social Studies to the students

and Mrs. Elliott teaches Visual Arts on Days 5 and 6.



 Day 1:  Music with Mrs. LeFrank

 Day 2:  Gym with Mrs. Lohnes-Lilly

 Day 3:

Day 4:  Music with Mrs. LeFrank

             Gym with Mrs. Lohnes-Lilly

 Day 5:  Music with Mrs. LeFrank(every other cycle)

 Day 6: Gym with Mrs. Lohnes-Lilly           


Library will be on Thursday mornings.  Walk/Run is on Day 2.




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