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Welcome to my Web site!

Deanna Rawding

7 & 8 English Language Arts Teacher

Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School


Welcome to the 2004-2005 school year at BHS!

English Language Arts

English Language Arts encompasses the experience, study, and appreciation of language, literature, media, and communication.  It involves language processes: speaking, listening, viewing, writing and other ways of representing.

The English Language Arts curriculum engages students in a range of experiences and interactions with a variety of texts designed to help them develop increasing control over language processes, use and respond to language effectively and purposefully, and understand why language and literacy are so central to their lives (Atlantic Canada English Language Arts Curriculum Guide 1998).





Today is a great day to learn something new!

All Writing Assignments when handed in should include.......

1. An edited first draft.

2. Any pre-writing you were asked to do.

3. A final draft which has been typed (12 font) or written neatly in blue or black pen.

4. A cover page with an original title.





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