Bullying Resources for Elementary and Middle School Students


Canadian Internet resources:


-is a public education Web site developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to communicate to parents and other caring adults about how they can help promote their child's mental health and reduce his or her risk for becoming involved with alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.



-The girlshealth.gov web site was created to help girls (ages 10-16) learn about health, growing up, and issues they may face. It focuses on health topics that girls are concerned about and helps motivate them to choose healthy behaviors by using positive, supportive, and non-threatening messages. The site gives girls reliable, useful information on the health issues they will face as they become young women and tips on handling relationships with family and friends, at school and at home.


On "It's My Life":

         Article: "Bullies"
This article helps children explore the what's, why's, and how's of dealing with bullying behavior.

         "Beat The Bully" Game
In this quiz-based game, users race a bully character by answering a series of questions about bullying.

         IML Journal Pages:

o        "Bullies"

o        "A Pep Talk For Myself"

o        Video Clip: "Bullies"
Features pre-teens discussing their experiences with bullying. These short videos are wonderful ice-breakers and catalysts for in-person dicussion. (Copies of this video can be purchased on DVD, VHS, or CD-ROM by calling CastleWorks, Inc. at 212-288-2150.)

         "Building A Classroom Community and Bully-Free Zone"

Programs and Books:

Steps to Respect: A Bully Prevention Program; Committee for Children, Seatle Washington; www.cfchildren.org 

Second Step : A Violence Prevention Curriculum; Level 2 and 3 for Middle School/Junior High; Committee for Children, Seatle Washington; www.cfchildren.org 


Respect Educ: Beyond the Hurt; Violence and Abuse Prevention Program. Peer Facilitated. Canadian Red Cross; http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=000294

Contact: Nova Scotia Community Development Coordinator
Joanne Lawlor
Email: joanne.lawlor@redcross.ca
Phone: (902)-424-1992


Romain, Terry; Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney; Free Spirit Publishing Minneapolis MN; 1998; help4kids@freespirit.com

Romain, Terry; Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain; Free Spirit Publishing Minneapolis MN; 1998; help4kids@freespirit.com

Trower, Terry; The Self Control Patrol Workbook Exercises for Anger Management; 1995; Childswork/Childsplay Plainview, NY

Trabue, Jan & Trabue, Dwight; Kid Leaders- A Leadership Program for Elementary School Students; 2001, Mar*co Product inc.Warminster PA

Chabai, Barbara; No More Sticks and Stones; Canadian School Counsellor Premeire Issue pp 42-49. Teacherís new policy takes a tough stance against the cruelity of cyberbullying. www.canadianschoolcounsellor.com


Kreidler , William J ; Poliner ,Rachel A.; Conflict Resolution in the Middle SchoolStudent Workbook & Journal; www.creativetherapystore.com

Olweus,Dan; Bullying At School: What We Know and What We Can Do (Understanding Children's Worlds)

brief, and practical book has become the standard approach to bullying prevention worldwide. Based on extensive research and outlines an intervention to prevent bullying.

Fried ,Suellen and Fried, Paula ;Bullies and Victims: Helping Your Child Survive The Schoolyard Battlefield

                   - This book explores the context of teasing and the power of relationships between children, as well as  the roles of adults, schools, the media, and society at large. Also provides suggestions for parental intervention and reaction.

 Beane ,Allan L.; The Bully Free Classroom : Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-8

                  - Includes practical and effective strategies for coping with bully behavior, encouraging parental involvement, and making classrooms a place to learn, not fear.

Bullying: http://www.educationworld.com/a_special/bully.shtml,October 2008

         School violence is an issue in the news and on the minds of educators and administrators alike. Education World takes a look at the problem of bullying and how to stop it. Includes a variety of links to articles, books and programs.



Bully Busters; 2001 Franklin Learning Systems, USA.

                Players have fun while learning that all students csan stop bullying whether they find themselves the target, the by stander or the bully.

Barber, Crystal; Feeling Good: 2002 Western Psychological Services, Creative Therapy Store; Ages 9 and up.www.creativetherapystore.com

-          orginally developed for battered women and their children it is appropriate for anyone that has been abused, has low self sesteem or difficulty expressing feelings. It helps to recover self confidence after a tramatic event or situation and learn to feel good about themselves by recognizing, understanding and expressing emotions.


The Esteem Theme Game; Ages 5-17; The Esteem Theme Company; Box 28132 Dartmouth NS B2W 6E2; 1-902-441-4153; www.theesteemthemegame.com

-          a game that promotes, fosters and devlops a healthy sense of self esteem in young people.