During the week of Dec. 8-14, Bridgewater Jr./Sr. High School will provide opportunties for students and teachers to participate in computer coding introductory lessons.  The Hour of Code site (http://hourofcode.ca) provides information and support for those who are familiar with coding and for those who are novices.  Coding can assist with innovation across subject areas and provides the opportunity for problem solving, critical thinking and logic.

This is a link to a video that introduces the topic: http://ourtube.nspes.ca/watch_video.php?v=WHG994HX68SD.



  • Drop in when you can or have your teacher bring his/her class to the learning commons or computer lab. 
  • School rulesregarding computer usage apply so no web surfing to other sites during this time period. 
  • Use only the sites/apps listed below

Coding Tutorial Websites:

Coding Websites:  

  • Scratch is a programming language that was created by MIT students and staff in 2003.  It is specifically for 8-to-16-year-olds.
  • BotLogic.us is a fun, challenge based coding site (and App) for early elementary students. 
  • GamestarMechanic is a video game designer program meant for upper elementary/junior high.  It does not require a student to use identifiable information (PIIDPA safe) to create an account.
  • Tynker.com Pick lessons appropriate for your age group.  Student email required for account creation.

Coding with Java Script:  

  • KhanAcademy has a terrific site utilizing video instruction and hands on activities to learn Java coding.

Coding Apps:  Go to the App Store and download these free Apps: