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Why should we encourage students to use ednet email

There is so much more to offer with the new system.

The new system still has the usual email parts.  The email allows for either text or html formats.

Attachments can be sent from one student to another easily to allow students to work on projects together.

Filters can be set to allow or deny email access.

Chat is available to those who wish to take advantage of the feature. 

The real power of the Webmail site may not be the email at all.  Students need help organizing simple ways to transfer files for home and school.  Appointments can be set on the Calendar, Notes can be kept for future reference, Tasks can be entered and you can store bookmarks for easy reference.

School Storage allows you to upload files to the server, arrange them in directories, and access them from anywhere.

Another option that students can use is the shared folders option where you can let other people share your email files and set the options you want them to have in your email.

Once students understand the features of this new webmail they will be sold.  We need to keep our students working in a safe environment.

http://staff.ednet.ns.ca and http://student.ednet.ns.ca


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