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a note from the designer
a note from mr. ried
As an aspiring artist, hoping to pursue a college career in New Brunswick, the offer to create this website from Mr. Reid was especially intruiging to me.                                                                    The ability to create is definitely a great thing, and the willingness to share nearly equals it.                                                With the technology we have available, and the increasing interest in this technology, the opportunities to share in this world are growing.      This website is taking advantage of these opportunities, by sharing what we create, we will learn more about eachother, and about ourselves in the process.                                                               It's a beautiful thing, and I feel priviledged to be a part of it.

As always,
Website Designer and Manager of ARTS@FHCS

Forest Heights Community School is home to many fine artists.            We have fine musicians who spend every spare moment in the sound room and annually record on the Falcon Record label. We have a proud Mi'kmaw Drum group that has participated in its first Pow-Wow.                        We have poets and dramaists who put together major yearly productions. Finally, we have amazing visual artists producing a broad spectrum of media images both real and abstract.

This website is meant to share a cross section of the wonderful work produced by the artists of Forest Heights.                              Many Arts departments will be linked to this website; as well, many of the Visual Arts students will be having their own pages showcasing their fine works.
Please check out the EVENTS page providing ongoing news related to upcoming shows and fund-raising efforts.

Any ideas or advice/feedback are greatfully recieved at:

Mr. Reid
Visual Arts Teacher to FHCS

Welcome to ARTS@FHCS, a website dedicated to displaying, recording and sharing the arts programs in Forest Heights Community School.

As of current, the site is running on a temporary template, one that is long overdue in its publishing, which focuses only on the Visual Arts programs as run by Mr. Reid.

Once the website obtains more involvement in its endeavors, the website will be changed from this format and layout to a different one.
While viewing the site, please remember that this is a work in progress, nothing will be perfect until it is officially opened in (hopefully) the very near future.

To Parents!: Please enjoy your stay!
To Students!: Get involved!
To Teachers!: Please, if you're interested in becoming part of this website, and its goals, speak with either the Website Manager, or Mr. Reid!

If you find anything wrong with this website (broken links, grammar and spelling, incorrect names and the like), please email: