Ms. Hulford's Grade Four

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    Welcome to an exciting year of learning experiences!

                                    School Supplies

               Grade 4 Ms. Hulford and Grade 3/4 Mrs. Griffith  2012-13


1.  20 duotangs/project covers with three center prongs (no pockets) – do

     NOT print your name or a subject on any of the folders

2.  minimum of 10 plastic page protectors

3.  one clipboard from $ store (not an expensive one; just have a good clip on

     the top)

4. for grade ¾ ONLY – one small personal size whiteboard with a

    whiteboard marker (for Math and Word Study)

5. one 1.5 – 2 inch 3 ring binder for French for grade fours only

6. sticky note pads - $1.00 store pkg of four 2 x 2 – 4 pkgs. 

7. 12  pocket portfolios – looks like a duotang/project cover but with NO

    center prongs. It has two inside pockets only.

8.  200 to 300 sheets loose-leaf DO NOT PUT LOOSELEAF IN DUOTANGS

9.  20 HB yellow wooden pencils (made in Canada) – we use two per month

10.  three pink or white pearl erasers (one per term) – NO OTHER TYPE

11.  crayons – minimum of 24 (will use two boxes during the year)                    

12.  one “30 cm” wooden ruler

13. two packages of sharpened colored pencils – Crayola, Buffalo or


14.  liquid glue AND glue stick (will need 3 liquid and 3 sticks for the year)

15.  scissors (with a point)

16.  3 red pens (for underlining)  NO BLUE/BLACK PENS

17.  one box of 15 large Ziploc freezer bags – MUST have these on first day

     - NO pencil box(es) is/are needed (we will be using the Ziploc bags because

       the pencil boxes are too small for many of the  supplies and they take up too

       much space on the  desk; usually ending up on the floor)

18.  2 boxes of  Kleenex

19. Math set – simple set with a protractor, compass, small ruler

20. ONE DISHPAN from the $ store – rectangle shape only; look for an actual

      dishpan deep enough to hold supplies; do not bring in a round dishpan

21.  shorts, T-shirt and sneakers in a canvas or cloth bag (not plastic bag)

22.  paint shirt – please print name on shirt; use an old shirt that easily goes

       over your clothes

23. 1 book bag large enough to carry supplies and lunch kit


Ms. Hulford   275-4234

Ms. Griffith    527-2108







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