Advantages and disadvantages of colonialism

Disadvantages Advantages
  • unfamiliar system of government
  • a complete loss of culture
  • loss of land
  • ownership in general
  • a lack of respect for traditions
  • enforced religious views
  • risk of disease
  • taxes imposed by the colonialists
  • dominant class that comes with the colonial power
  • the native people are considered savages and of no worth whatsoever; therefore, lack of respect.
  • living conditions drastically change because land gets taken away
  • native way of life is forcefully changed.


  • In theory, Christian theology promotes equality and education for all.
  • The killing of twins is exposed as a primitive and horrific practice and stopped in the name of the colonizers.
  • The Evil Forest used as a depository for abnormalities.
  • The way in which newborn and toddler deaths are dealt with and the ways in which their cadavers are mutilated.
  • the sexism and the violence with which women are treated.