SAA Conference 2010

Don't Miss the Boat!

Plan to be at SAA 2010 at White Point Resort in Liverpool, N.S.

October 21-22, 2010

Conference Program and Events

Alternative Accommodations to White Point Resort:
Best Western Liverpool
Lane's Privateer Inn
The Quarterdeck Beach Villas & Grill

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SAA Conference Chair: Joyce Veinot-Gates
Registration/Information Committee:
Byron Butt, Joanne MacNeil, Janet Baxter, Rosanne Williams. Heather Foote
Conference Treasurer: Mark MacLeod
Facilities Coordinator: Denise Dodge-Baker, Catherine Rahey, Claire Eddy
Entertainment Committee: Tom Thomson
Technical Committee: Heather Foote
Publicity: Heather Foote
Hospitality Committee: Charles Williamson
Program Chairs: Sue Taylor-Foley, Ann Moore
Vendors/Sponsorship: Yves Rossignol